Company Registration India

We assist enterprenuers to select the best legal entity in India. Selection of best legal Entity depends upon the nature of the Business and Promoters background. The most viable legal entity is formation of a new company in India.

Foreign entity can start a business in India only through incorporation of a company or openinig up a branch office subject to the FDI guidelines. Branch office treated as foreign company in India and subject to higher taxes and limitation on buying the properties.

The most feasible option is to form a Private Limited Company which is treated as Resident Indian Company and subject to normal Income Tax. The main purpose of the service is to provide Single Window Service to enterpreneurs to expand the business in India.

An enterprenuer can opt for Private Limited Company or Public Limited Company. There shall be minimum two person to form a private Limited Company and Seven person to form a Public Limited Company.

A Foreign Company can also open its subsidiary in India.